New! Passionflix Membership Pre-Launch Special

The big news today is the pending debut of PASSIONFLIX, a new streaming, on-demand entertainment service that’s the NetFlix of romance. Passionflix is the brainchild of three extraordinary women. In this “League of Extraordinary GentleWomen,” there’s an award-winning team: pro producer/directors Tosca Musk and Jina Panebianco, and expert screenwriter Joany Kane. (Some of you might know the Musk name; Tosca’s brother Elon founded Tesla and Paypal.)

Besides offering an exciting on-demand selection of beloved romantic films and series, they are also filming high-quality movies and series, many of them based on best-selling books in the romance genre. September 2017 is the launch date, but they just opened for Founding Member and Pre-launch subscription deals, so I snagged a special limited-time invitation for my readers right here from Tosca to get your Passionflix membership first (described below).

Passionflix membership site for streaming entertainment and the founding team with Tosca Musk, Jina Panebianco, and Joany Krane.

They have just wrapped filming on a romantic comedy, Hollywood Dirt, based on a novel by Alessandra Torre, who is a New York Times best-selling novelist. Other films are being made from popular authors including my friends Melissa Foster and J. Kenner, and Jill Shalvis, Sylvia Day, and many other favorite chart-toppers.

This is an important step and outlet for authors and women in film, and one I whole-heartedly support. This is the A-team, and the project is smart and first-class all the way. It’s by women and for women, but we sure welcome you sweet fellows, too. (Plus, you get to see romance from our point of view–and that can’t hurt!)

The BON Factor

Passionflix membership for on-demand movies and seriesOf course, there are the Hollywood blockbusters and small films in the on-demand stacks, too. The founders were dishing over The Thornbirds (one of their faves, so you know their good taste), and other classics, new movies, and series. I got a peek at the site under development and it’s utterly fabulous. I might never write again… (just kidding!). From Mr. Darcy to Mr. Grey, it’s all there, along with a BON rating. What’s a BON rating? Glad you asked: Barometer of Naughtiness, from 1 to 5. They seem to have thought of everything, thank you.

Founding Memberships & Pre-Subscriptions

Tosca gave me a special backstage pre-launch deal to share with my friends and readers. It’s only good for a limited time, so if you’re interested, grab it now. There are two levels, one with special perks, and another screaming economy deal, so you can select the one best for you. (I couldn’t resist the Founding Member deal!) Choose the one you like and join the party!

Passionflix Membership – Founding Member

A 2 year subscription (a 30% savings)
Invitation for a walk on role, premiere parties, or visit to set
Voting privileges on “Casting Your Book Boyfriend,” an exclusive reality show to find the next romantic leading man
Discounts on Passionflix merchandise
Take advantage of the site a month early and have your voice heard in the future of Passionflix
Be the first to know, via a private Founders club, about Passionflix projects, options, casting, and news
All for only $100. Offered for a limited time only.

Passionflix Membership: Pre-Subscription

Pre-order for $3.99 a month for an entire year
Save $2 off the regular price of $5.99 a month
You won’t be charged until we launch
You can share this link with your friends and family, too. Check out the Passionflix site here (be sure to scroll down if it doesn’t come right up; the site is still in progress).

Post Your Favorite Films and Books in the Comments

Passionflix membership for on-demand movies and seriesCan’t wait for the debut! What are your favorite romantic films and books, and what would you most like to see on Passionflix? I’m sure the team would love to hear from you, so post your comments below so they can see them, too! 
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6 thoughts on “New! Passionflix Membership Pre-Launch Special

  1. So exciting! I’d love to direct for Passion Flix! And I have plenty of experience turning bestsellers into award-winning movies (Babysitting the Baumgartners, Adventures with the Baumgartners and more!

    • Hi Kay, be sure to join the Facebook group and introduce yourself! I’ve love to see my books made into film, too. In fact, I’ve been working with a screenwriter on a screenplay for a series for The Winemakers, and we’re just completing the package. My contemporary series, like La La Land meets Sex and the City, is great stand alone or series, too 🙂

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