Novels written in Italian: Il Giardino dei Profumi Perduti, Scent of Triumph by Jan Moran Italian Edition

Italian edition of Scent of Triumph

Excited to announce that the Italian Edition of Scent of Triumph is being released today:  Il Giardino dei Profumi Perduti (The Garden of Lost Perfume, if you’re translating). For my readers who also read novels written in Italian…grazie! This really means a lot to me since The Winemakers, which is set in Italy, was the first book that Italian publisher Newton Compton acquired and published.  And, more to come, I hope. Sending big hugs to my fabulous uber-agent, Jenny Bent, for making these foreign editions a reality!

Just love the cover of this new edition…the saucy crimson 1940s swing coat really pops against the slate blue Seine in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower rising in the background. The gray shadow depicts the World War II era. The rapid motion of the coat suggests this is a woman who knows her mind and won’t be deterred. (And so true of the heroine, Danielle Bretancourt!)

It’s fun to see the different artistic interpretations of the stories I write. Each cover has a unique personality depending on the culture and target market. The foreign editions are all beautiful, but I think the most glamorous one is from Lithuania (va-va-voom!), the sweetest one from Germany (pink roses), and the most nostalgic one (vintage suitcases) from the US in the large print English edition. The new audiobooks are lovely, too.

Italian Edition of The Winemakers, too!

Novels written in Italian: La Casa deit Profumi Dimenticati - Italian Edition of The Winemakers

Italian Edition of The Winemakers

If you’re curious, The Winemakers is called La Casa dei Profumi Dimenticati (The House of Forgotten Perfume). This cover has a lovely, pastoral nostalgic feeling to it, which is appropriate given that it takes place in vineyards of Napa and Montalcino in Tuscany in the 1950s and 1920s. The artwork conveys elements of mystery and innocence — appropriate, given the family mysteries that threaten our young couple’s love. But the determined Caterina Rosetta is up for the task.

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