Discover Healthy Benefits of Aromatherapy

Healthy Benefits of Aromatherapy

Today on the blog I’m sharing an article I wrote for The Costco Connection, the monthly magazine for Costco store members. I’ve written for them in the past, so when the editor asked me to write an article on the healthy benefits of aromatherapy and scents, I was to delighted to provide it. For this article, I researched and spoke with scientists and aroma researchers at the Mayo Clinic, Sloan Kettering, and the Monell Chemical Senses Center. The information on aromatherapy benefits and uses these scent research professionals shared with me is truly fascinating.

Scents have a real ability to positively impact mood, induce relaxation, and increase focus and alertness, among other benefits. In fact, when I write, I often use aromas and music to increase my power of focus. I also use the evocative power of scent in my writing to set scenes and wholly immerse readers in the story.  Read on to discover the healthy benefits of aromatherapy and scents for yourself. (Tap to enlarge to article or read on Costco.)Healthy benefits of aromatherapy

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